At Two Left Feet Dance®,
we are the doorway to the world of dance for children as young as 14 month in our Two Little Feet® dance program to kids up to 17 years old in our group classes.
Our classes cater to the new dancers and those parents looking for a fun encouraging environment for their child.
We use our expertise and skills to create a postive learning experince your child will enjoy. We do not offer a competition style classes or strict teaching;
our focus is fun!
Two Little Feet®
Ages 0-51/2
  • 14 month-3+years
  • Child & Adult Participation Class
  • 21/2-31/2 years Child Class
  • Children ready to participate without an adult
  • 3-4 years Child Class
  • 30 minute classes for the little dancer
  • 31/2-51/2 years Preschool Age Child Class
  • 40 minute classes

Kids Classes 

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Specialty Classes at
Two Left Feet Dance Studio

"Laugh with Us, Dance with Us!"















































Two Left Feet®--Two Little Feet®
ON LOCATION - During School Year
  • Village Montessori Students in Montgomery Village
    • Ages 2-5yo
Interested in adding classes in your neighborhood or preschool?
Let us know.
Interested in becoming a traveling teacher for Two Little Feet?
Send us your resume subject "I want to teach for Two Little Feet.
Two Left Feet®Kids
Ages 51/2-17
  • 30 minute Beginner Hip Hop/Pop
  • Pop & Ballet
  • Pop/Beginner Hip Hop
  • All Tap Kids class
  • Pop & Ballet
  • Pop/Beginner Hip Hop
  • Hip Hop 

  • POMS
  • Contemporary
  • Ballroom
  • Talent Show/ Musical Theater / Broadway
Other things we help with:
  • Birthday
  • Girl Scout
  • Bar/Bat Mitvah Kids Party
  • Sweet 16