4-6 year old AND 7-11 year old - Boys Hip Hop

Young Boys - 30 minute classes

This is for the energetic boy who loves music and has been showing off his dance moves to you in the living room or any where he hears music! We know these boys are test their motor skills and moving in new ways.
- As the first studio in the area to offer BOYS ONLY classes, we cater to boys being physical learners and having high energy.


$275 - includes costume

Ages 4-6: Fridays 6:00-6:30pm Jan 18-April 12 & April 26 - Extra or Make-Up
NO class 2/15 (Pres Day Weekend) NO class 4/19 (Spring Break)

Ages 7-11: Fridays 6:35-7:05pm Jan 18-April 12 & April 26 - Extra or Make-Up
NO class 2/15 (Pres Day Weekend) NO class 4/19 (Spring Break)

Half Session:
for starting later in the session, if space is available.
March 8-April 12 & April 26 - Extra or Make-Up NO class 4/19 (Spring Break)
$175 - includes costume



Ages 4-6: Fridays 6:00-6:30pm May 3-June 14
NO class 5/24 (Memorial Day Weekend)

Ages 7-11: Fridays 6:35-7:05pm May 3-June 14
NO class 5/24 (Memorial Day Weekend)

Spring Session: 6 classes with 1 dance routine & technique. The last class is Family Day an invitation to watch & enjoy class.

BOYS CLASS: just for the fellas

This class is for boys ready to participate in a basic pop/hip hop dance class.

Adults are encouraged to sit back and not give direction but let the child listen and learn from the teacher. We are ok with a little quite sideline encouragement and parental help since we know how excited the boys can get!

The boys will learn some the basic hip hop terminology and positions (poses). They will have fun dancing and showing off as they gain better gross motor skills. They will follow the teacher shadow dancing and learn simple routines as they bust-a-move and dance during class.

We always give the boys time for freeze dance or obstacle course in class so the teacher can "Look what I can do!" This allows the boys to get their energy out then get back to focusing on class. We know boys are more do to learn, when it comes to dance then simply listen and learn.

The class encourages the boys to slow down and listen to the music and move to the beat. We keep the class just 30 minutes to keep the children engaged, interested and looking forward to next class. We know they are still young and full of energy so sometimes 30 minutes is just the right amount for keeping a focus on this activity.

Parents, Grandparents & Guardians can:

  • Watch class - they are only little once & this is a precious opportunity
  • Take pictures and videos

  • What to Wear

    What to Wear: Anything that allows for movement

    Boys: Anything stretchy or cotton clothing that allows for movement.
    Boys shoes: clean sole sneakers or dance barefoot.

    - Sock are too slippery. No wet street shoes on dance floor.

    Session Information

    FALL SESSION: September-December
    WINTER SESSION: January-April

  • Each session = 12 classes
  • Each class = 30 minutes
  • 1-2 instructors per class
  • Limited class size of 10 kids
  • LAST DAY of Class: Family and friends can come and watch. One choregraphed routine for each session.
  • OPTIONAL: Performance Recital on stage with a Dance Costume = tshirt and shorts or pants for the Performance Recital. One routine for Fall Session and one routine for Winter Session. Both sessions have a Group Finale Routine on Stage

  • Each Session = 6 classes
  • Each class = 30 minutes
  • 1-2 instructors per class
  • Limited class size of 10 kids
  • LAST CLASS - "Family Day" - friends and family watch class

  • Policies, Liability and Rules:


    Can my child try a class first?
    Yes. It is $15 for a first time trial lesson to see if your litte one likes the class. If she/he does not participate, you do not have to pay. We know sometimes it will take a class or two for some kids before they participate. Once they do participate, you just pay the balance for the session.

    Make-Up Classes:
    We offer 1 make-up class for Fall and Winter Session. We have one additional class at the end of every session. Full Session is 12 classes plus bonus 13th class. Half Session is 6 class plus bonus 7th class. Missed class credits do not carry over to the next session.

    Missed the start date?
    FALL and WINTER: You can still join up to the third class; we will prorate for the missed classes.
    HALF SESSION. A Half Session is when you join the last 6 classes.
    SPRING and SUMMER:You can join anytime and just pay for the classes you child will attend.

    "JUST DANCE" Option for Fall and Winter
    Discounted rate of $215. Your child will still learn and practice the routine and performance prep info as if he would be joining on the stage. This is the same routine they boys will do on the last day of the class session. If you decide by the 6th week, during costume measurements, you want your child to be in the recital performance, let your teacher know and you'll need to pay $70 at that time.

    Payment options:

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    -Have your payment ready to hand to the teacher at the start or end of class.

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