Group Classes: Adult Ballroom and Latin

At Two Left Feet®, we are beginner friendly and ready to introduce you to the world of dance. Our studio is not about competition but being comfortable in any social situation. Whether you have a special occasion coming up or this is something you've always wanted to learn, our knowledgeable staff is here to guide you toward your personal dance goals.

"Laugh with Us, Dance with Us!"

BALLROOM SURVIVAL - great for wedding receptions and formal parties, cruises and gaining a better sense of self & coordination
Foxtrot, Swing, Waltz, Tango, Rumba, Cha Cha

LATIN DANCE - great for fun, parties, local clubs, trips in the Carribean and exercise
Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cha Cha, Rumba

THE OTHERS Taught in Private Lessons - Great for singles, night clubs and meeting new people
West Coast Swing, Country 2 Step, Hustle

Start at the first class of any style of dance in either the Ballroom Survival or Latin Dance rotation.

Ballroom Survival:

Dances change every 3 weeks so you will learn 2 or 4 dances within a course of either 6 or 12 weeks and be able to dance to both fast and slow songs.
No experience required
Choose to 6 or 12 classes, with the option of continuing to learn more!

TUESDAYS 7:05-7:55pm
FOXTROT: Nov 14-Nov 28 Dance to big band sounds of Sinatra, Bennett & Buble
SWING: Dec 4-Dec 18 Move your body to modern day rock bands and Rock&Roll
WALTZ: Jan 8-Jan 22, 2019 Glide, slide and dance to classical & country waltzes.
TANGO: Jan 29-Feb 12 Get ready for Valentine's Day & learn something romantic.
RUMBA: Feb 19-Mar 5 Enjoy learning the basics of a dance you can use anywhere and anytime.

SUNDAYS 6:05-6:55pm
FOXTROT: Feb 24-Mar 10, 2019 Wedding season will be coming again.
SWING: Mar 17-Mar 31 Time to get our of the house and Rock your body.
WALTZ: Apr 7-Apr 28 You've been wanting to learn, it's time. No class 4/21
RUMBA: May 5-May 19 You'll never have to sit out a dance again.
CHA CHA: June 2-June 16 If it's top 40 dance music, you can dance something it.

Latin Dance

Dances change every 4 weeks so you will learn 1, 2 or 3 dances within a course of either 4, 6 or 12 weeks.

WEDNESDAY 7:05-7:55pm
SALSA: Oct 17-Nov 14 Fast, fun & energetic, just like you.
MERENGUE: Nov 28-Dec 19 Great for beginners wanting to learn Latin Dance.
BACHATA: Jan 9-Jan 30, 2019 A new year, a new you, time to learn something new.

TUESDAYS 8:05-8:55pm
SALSA: Jan 8-29, 2019 Get moving this winter & have fun.
MERENGUE: Feb 5-Feb 26 Don't let those dance resolutions get away!
BACHATA: Mar 5- Mar 26 Spring is here and so are your moves.
SALSA: Apr 2-Apr 23 Same dance, new steps.

Beginner III/Intermediate:

2 years of classes or equivalent of Beginner or Bronze Level to Silver I Experience Required
Class will cover Bronze 3-4 and Silver 1-4 Levels
Ballroom Shoes Required

Beginner III/Intermediate Ballroom:
Foxtrot, Swing, Waltz, Tango, Rumba and West Coast Swing
Wednesdays 8:05-8:55pm
on going

What to Wear

What TO wear for Classes and Socials: A BIG SMILE!

Shoes: If it is raining you must bring another pair of shoes or dance in your socks. You'll want to wear a smooth leather bottom sole, to slide and spin on the floor and not get stuck.
- If you like dancing we recommend ballroom dance shoes
Ballroom shoes have a suede bottom and a flexible leather upper for optimum foot movement.

Clothing - think of going to a dinner party for a friend or neighbor
For Gentleman: Long pants and collared shirts
For Ladies: Pants, skirts or dresses that allow for movement

What NOT to wear Dress code:
Shoes: flip flops, sneakers, boots
Clothing: short pants, hats, workout clothes or jeans.

How long will it take, me or us, to learn?
Dancing, like any sport, takes time and practice.
Everyone learns at a different rate and that will depend on you. Do you learn physical things "naturally" or do you have to practice over and over to memorize something? Will you make time to practice at home? Do you plan on attending a Friday Night Dance Social?

Beginner Level aka Bronze Level takes 2 years to complete about 4-6 dances. You will be a comfortable and smooth social dancer. We know at this point you are enjoying dancing. You want to look and be smooth with confidence as you navigate the floor and dance to the beat of the music.

Intermediate Level aka Silver Level takes 4-8 years to complete. You will know styling, technique and how to match the dance style to the music. Leading, following and navigating the dance floor will be second nature as you glide as confident social dancer. You will understand the fundamentals of dance and are working on your styling and more complex steps. Maybe you are doing it for fun or exercise or both but you will be enjoying dance and having this special skill to use anywhere and anytime.

Advanced Level aka Gold Level is for the hobby dancer. This level is for the person that will take a several classes a week, attend every social dance and seek out dancing opportunities. A Gold dancer learns 12 or more styles of dance, around 50 steps or patterns per dance and several variations. An amazing Advanced dancer will share their enjoyment of dance and dance with every level of dancer.

Payment options:
Step 1 of 3: Choose 6 or 12 classes

Basics - 4 classes
Start on the first class of a session and take the first 4 classes. Basics is a quick way to just see what dance is about with out much of a commitment. You will be introduced to a couple of steps in a 3 styles of dance. If you are enjoying this class, then we recommend joining the rest of the Beginner level.

Sampler - 6 classes
Did you want to try out a few classes to learn a bit about dance and see if Two Left Feet® is right for you? The Sampler is the first 6 classes of a session. This option will give you a sample of the basic steps of 3-4 different styles of dance and learn a spin or two. If you are enjoying your dance classes, then you can continue with 6 more to complete a Beginner Level.
$165/dancer OR $295/couple.

Beginner Level - 12 classes
Are you ready to dance? In Beginner Level you have the opportunity to feel comfortable with about 4 steps in 3 or 4 dances. You will begin to understand leading and following and what music goes to what dance. Once you finish this level would be able to "get through" a dance or special occasion. Beginner II is the next level.
$295/dancer OR $475/couple

Step 2 of 3: Choose your payment method.

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    -Have your payment ready to hand to the teacher at the start or end of class.
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