2.5-3.5 year old - My First Dance Class

Ballet and Creative Dance - 30 minute classes

For the child that is ready to be independent without an adult on the floor with them and ready to listen to the teacher.



Fridays 10:50-11:20amSept 14-Dec 7
no class Nov 23

Saturdays 9:00-9:30amSept 8- Dec 1 and Bonus Day Dec 8 - CLASS IS FULL
no class Nov 24

Half Session:
for starting later in the session, if space is available.
Fridays 10:50-11:20am Oct 26-Dec 7
no class Nov 23
Saturdays 9:00-9:30am Oct 20- Dec 1 and Bonus Day Dec 8
no class Nov 24

CHILD CLASS: no parent/guardian participation

This is a step up from "Dance with Me" for children ready to participate on their own.

This is a transition for kids who have not been in preschool or attended a class without a parent or guardian supervision. Adults are encouraged to sit back and not give direction but let the child listen and learn from the teacher.

The children will begin to learn the basic terminology and positions (poses) for dance. They will have fun dancing through obstacle courses and using props as they gain better gross motor skills. They will following the teacher shadow dancing and learn simple routines as they move and dance during class.

The class length is 30 minutes to keep the child engaged and practice classroom listening with instructions from the teacher. Arrive 5-10 minutes early if it takes your little one time to warmup before joining in with the other kids. We know little ones will want to give you hugs during class. We are ok with hugs and quite sideline encouragement! We know they are still so little. If they want you to be by their side to dance, join or switch to the Dance with Me and you can join the dancing fun with your child!

Parents, Grandparents & Guardians can:

  • Watch class - they are only little once & this is a precious opportunity
  • Take pictures and videos

  • What to Wear

    What to Wear: Anything that allows for movement

    Girls: Any color leotard and tights or any stretchy or cotton clothing comfortable for movement. Girls shoes: wear ballet slippers or dance barefoot. We suggest pink slippers.

    Boys: Anything stretchy or cotton clothing that allows for movement. Boys shoes: wear black jazz slippers or dance barefoot.

    - We have some ballet slippers to borrow. Sock are too slippery. No street shoes on dance floor.

    Session Information

    FALL SESSION: September-December
    WINTER SESSION: January-April

  • Each session = 12 classes
  • Each class = 30 minutes
  • 1-2 instructors per class
  • Limited class size of 8-10 kids
  • Performance Recital on Stage - 1 for Fall Session and 1 for Winter Session
  • 1 Dance Costume to keep for the Performance Recital
  • 1 Choregraphed Recital Routine for each session

  • Each Session = 6 classes
  • Each class = 30 minutes
  • 1-2 instructors per class
  • Limited class size of 8-10 kids
  • LAST CLASS - "Family Day" - friends and family watch class

  • Policies, Liability and Rules:


    Can my child try a class first?
    Yes. It is $15 for a first time trial lesson to see if your litte one likes the class. If she/he does not participate, you do not have to pay. We know sometimes it will take a class or two for some kids before they participate. Once they do participate, you just pay the balance for the session.

    Make-Up Classes:
    Kids can make-up a missed class in any of the other "First Dance Class 2.5-3.5 year old" classes during the session you are currently enrolled ie: Fall, Winter or Spring Session. Missed class credits do not carry over to the next session.

    Missed the start date?
    FALL and WINTER: You can still join up to the third class; we will prorate for the missed classes.
    HALF SESSION. A Half Session is when you join the last 6 classes and can still be in the performance recital. You can also choose "Just Dance" option.
    SPRING and SUMMER:You can join anytime and just pay for the classes you child will attend.

    "JUST DANCE" Option for Fall and Winter
    Discounted rate of $215. Your child will still learn and practice the routine and performance prep info as is she/he would be joining on the stage. If you decide by the 6th week, during costume measurements, you want your child to be in the recital performance, let your teacher know and you'll need to pay $70 at that time.

    Payment options:

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    -Have your payment ready to hand to the teacher at the start or end of class.

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