"Laugh with Us, Dance with Us!"

Wedding Dance Classes


At Two Left Feet®, we are beginner friendly and ready to introduce you to the world of dance. Our studio is not about competition but being comfortable in any social situation.
Whether you have a special occasion coming up or this is something you've always wanted to learn, our knowledgeable staff is here to guide you toward your personal dance goals.


3 Private Lessons

This is perfect for a simple dance for a wedding that is 1-3 months away. You will focus just on your first dance and learn about 4-6 steps. We will teach you how to walk on the floor and your picture perfect pose.
- Bride & Groom first dance
- Brides or Grooms first dance
- Parent & either Bride or Groom

12 Private Lessons

Same as 6 private lesson above but for a little more  flashy dance & you could incorporate more than one style.  You should have between 4-6months to prepare.

Wedding Party Lessons: for your Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

We can go a bridal party dance with your group
$135/lesson for standard ballroom  lesson or
$300 for 2 lessons for specialized choregraphy.

6 Private Lessons

This is perfect for a little smoother looking dance with more steps and turns and time, if you like, to learn a second dance style.  We allow up to 4 people on your lesson so you could bring in one of your parents if you need to learn a parent dance.