Adult & Teen Acting classes by the Academy of Fine Arts

What will we be doing in class? Short scripts: scenework, monologues, dialogues and small ensemble work are the vehicles for building solid, effective acting technique.
Is the class fun? Yes! But it is the kind of fun that comes from being actively engaged in honing a fascinating, lifelong skill.
Why "short scripts"? You need to be able to act the small before moving on to the large. Shorter scripts mean less time spent memorizing and more time spent working specific acting challenges.
‚ÄčIs outside work needed? Yes! To get the most out of the class, you will want to be working/exporing your scripts during the week. As with any other skill, the more practice, the better you get!

Adult & Teen Acting Classes

  Fridays at Two Left Feet® Dance Studio
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Academy of Fine Arts
Call 301.947.9705